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Pickled Asparagus Lettuce


Pickled Asparagus Lettuce


Pickled Asparagus Lettuce step 1

Pickled Asparagus Lettuce step 2



This kind of Chinese Food is served as Appetizer in Mainland China, it is also a good choice for breakfast and Lunch, in morning, Chinese People Eating Congee (Try Laba Congee) with Pickled stuff, Most of Them are Salty. Try this Pickled Asparagus Lettuce now!

1.  Ingredients:

asparagus lettuce 300 g (without skin)


Onion Oil:(Olive Oil,Sesame Oil) 2 tablespoon
Salt: 3/4 teaspoon
Sugar: 2 teaspoon

2. Take out asparagus lettuce’s skin with peeler. (it’s better take out the white stew to keep best taste)
3. use grater to make asparagus lettuce slices, use 1/4 salt to pickle them for 30 minutes.
4. step 4 shown the result after pickling 30 minutes.
5. Squeeze them to dry. (This is for better taste)
6. Add Onion Oil (Olive Oil,Sesame Oil), Salt, Sugar, Stir



Contributor: 木可家 (Pickled Asparagus Lettuce), If you like this recipe please give credit to