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celery bone soup rice paste

Celery Bone Soup Rice Paste

celery bone soup rice paste 1

celery bone soup rice paste 2


This Recipe will let you take advantage of bone soup, celery. It looks yummy and healthy.

1. ingredients:

  • celery 150 g
    bone soup(chicken,beef or pork)300 g
    rice powder 30 g
    salt 2 teaspoons
    (this Chinese recipe will Get thick rice paste,you can add more soup to make thin paste)
    [Optional:You can try sugar]

2. keep celery stems,wash them and cut to small pieces.
3. place celery pieces and bone soup in blender container until you get celery bone soup juice.
4. blend rice powder with little celery juice to rice paste .(Remember only use little celery juice)
5.6. put rice paste to pan,cook and stir,Until the rice paste to thick smooth.



Contributor: 木可家 (celery bone soup rice paste), If you like this recipe please give credit to